Idealog 62

Idealog 62

Dollars and sense

There’s no doubt that paying with a card – or, increasingly, a smartphone – is much more convenient than paying with paper and metal. But that lack of tangibility is also making it harder to teach children about the concept of money and engrain good financial habits. In honour of James Bergin's win in the young executive of the year category at the Deloitte Top 200 awards last night, here's a piece he wrote for Idealog recently about how ASB is using technology to help bridge that gap.


Following patterns and taking shortcuts serves a very important evolutionary function. But we wouldn't be where we are now as a species without rule breakers and weirdos who create change. And Vend's Vaughan Rowsell reckons we need more of them.

Idealog's Guide to Dunedin

Last year, Dunedin won Chorus' Gigatown competition, becoming the first place in New Zealand with 1GB per second broadband. Is it transforming Dunedin's economy or just providing higher resolution movies? We take a look at how it's being used and where it's taking the city.

Aviation innovation

Innovators are often guilty of searching for solutions before identifying problems; of finding gaps in the market, without being sure if there’s a market in the gap. But, as Ben Fahy discovers, Air New Zealand can’t be accused of that and, in many cases, its clever use of technology is providing answers to a range of customer concerns, some voiced, some not.


After decades of disappointed expectations, virtual reality has, if the wave of hardware options and burgeoning content libraries is anything to go by, finally entered the mainstream. But, as we march into the brave new world of VR, those same old questions remain: what consumer applications are actually available right now? How much is going to cost? And, will VR ever really live up to the hype?


Do investors run scared when they hear about a founder’s failure, or are battle scars seen as a positive? Is a good idea more attractive than an adaptable team? And are New Zealanders ‘failure tolerant’ enough? Caitlin Salter talks to the experts.